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03.08.2012 , 09:57 PM | #9
CTD anywhere from a couple minutes in to the game, to a couple hours.
Very intermittent.
Nothing is running overclocked, all drivers are updated.
Have tried running older drivers, but no change.

Issue seems to have started happening sometime in early February or late Januarty after a patch. Before then I'd never CTD.

Have reinstalled OS.
Reinstalled game on different HDDs.
Changed out RAM.
Changed out CPU.
Changed out GPU (ATI 4850 1GB to ATI 6970 2GB)

Sometimes get BSOD with dxdiag error, other times it's a memory error (but this happens with both sets of RAM and both CPUs)

Possible it could be the Motherboard, though miniscule.

As for when the CTDs occur, it can be just about any time, even when not moving my character.