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My BH was able to level from 12-21 doing Affection/Lightside runs with Mako. It is relatively easy with BH.

I did the same with my Inquisitors. Sorcerer becomes very viable once you have Jolt (15 as I recall) so you can interrupt. Just put pet to passive so it walk towards you to get it out any pool o' death (the Mon Calamari's fire droid probes for instance). Use Jolt every time the Jedi pulls you in to interrupt her knock back and she is easy as pie.

With Assassin/Operative it is super fast and easy, go in to stealth and sneak past anything you dont have to do for story to progress.


Getting to the bridge is fast and simple. Also, the game tracks every conversation you have regardless of how many times you have had the conversation until you complete BT. Short version, they stack until you complete BT. So...

Run the flashpoint up until after the conversation with the captain. Complete that conversation.

Step 1: Enter flashpoint, proceed to the Captain. Along the way, you will earn 15 affection from the Lieutennent, 30 from the droid, 30 from the guard, and 120 affection from the captain (along with 100 light side points.)

Step 2: Log out.

Step 3: Log in.

You are now standing right outside the flash point.

Step 4: Reset flashpoint.

Step 5: Repeat from Step 1.

Each itteration earns you 195 affection, and 100 Light Side points.

It takes approximately 51 itterations. If you did all 51 itterations before Completing BT, you will gain all 10k affection, and 5.1k Light Side points in one fell swoop.

I did this process in burts of about 10 "To The Captain" runs, then I would sell off all the grey/white gear I got along the way, mail all the gear to which ever alt could reverse engineer it, and then repeat. I have used the same process on 5 toons (Sith Sorcerer, Sith Inquisitor x2, BH x2, and my Operative).

I figure the 4 hours will return fast with the mission time savings (15% faster on missions) in no time. . .