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In the future, is there a chance instead of "Hue to Chest", there may be a "Hue to Helmet" or "Hue to Pants"?

There are a few pieces of gear (for troopers at least) that look very cool, and have wonderful colors, but do not have chest pieces. (Or the chest pieces have the right colors, but don't look like something any self-respecting trooper would wear.)
I would like to know if this option will be added too.

There are a few sets where the helmet looks great, but the rest of the set does not have the same colors (and there are no other sets with those colors). For example, the Ciridium Onslaught Bounty Hunter helmet. It's an OD green helmet with red trim. The rest of the armor is a greenish/yellowish mix that doesn't seem to match that well. The only armor that matches it is on some of the NPC vendors in the fleet.

Or are the plans to put in something like City of Heroes uses, where you can select the primary and secondary color of each piece, and color match all the armor to any piece (not just the chest).