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Correction there. Never have the films claimed that the medichlorians MAKE the Force. Nor are they part of the Force.

That is the one thing people misunderstand about that little snippet. They allow you to sense the Force. In essense, its like the Force is a magnetic field and the medichlorians are iron within your body. The more iron you have, the more you feel the magnetic field.

Why do the Jedi never die out? Simple. Genetics. If you have two mildly force sensitive people then it is possible the child will inherant both the force sensitive genes from both parents. Essentially, they will have double that of either parent. This is similar to the way that bi-racial children can be darker skinned than their parents.

Then of course you have the concept of dorment genes where both parents are carries but the gene isn't active, but turns on for the child.

Force sensitivity is inherited, but the Force itself has nothing to do with genetics. It is still a mystical energy field that exists within all things and grows within living beings.