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Jedi were a clear cut alpha class at the start. It took weeks to months to unlock your jedi character slot. Here is what they used as the secret conditions to unlock a jedi on your account:

1) You had to gain max level (Master) in X number of professions
2) At the beginning, X = 5
3) As more people unlocked the jedi slot, X increased
4) By the time most people read about the actual method to unlock, X was already equal to 25 or more. There were only 32 professions in the game, and by the time someone realized the method and starting Mastering professions, the X had risen to 29, 30, 31, or 32.

I was a super hardcore player. I played from day 1 and probably played way too much. I had to master 31 out of 32 professions and I finished on the night before the system was removed.

I would say only 1 in about 15 people unlocked a Jedi, if that. I was in a "hardcore" guild and there were only a handful of Jedi unlocked.

But Jedi were extremely powerful. There was constand open world PvP and a leveled Jedi was easily worth 10 non-Jedi. There would be raids vs other guild's cities, in an attempt to destroy their Imperial/Rebel bases, just for fun.

If your side had a few Jedi and the other side didn't, you win. Most jedi were very good DPS, strong Tanks, and could self heal. There were also Jedi skill trees that let you CC other players for 60 seconds, or make yourself immune to damage for up to 3-4 minutes! There was Jedi invisibility, super speed force run like in the movies, force choke, force lightning, HoT, Saber throws, and Jedi could also equip uber guns to use when at max range before closing with an enemy.

Then the NGE hit and Jedi were balanced and became a regular class that anyone could use. They were no longer overpowered. But there was a solid, I dunno, 6-12 months where they were the clear cut alpha class.
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