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Everywhere I heard the patch that introduced new game enhancement for star wars galaxy was a terrible betrayal and horrible. People said subscribers left in flocks.

I can't find much of anything about NGE on the star wars wiki, can someone give me a detailed explanation on why this patch was so bad and how it caused so many people to quit? I have never played SWG but it has intrigued me.
The reason it was a betrayal had to do with the lies told preceding its launch. There were classes who kept being told, "You are getting an update next" all through the months prior to it, and then they were told with the "Trials of Obi-Wan" expansion that they would get those updates (like new pets for Creature Handlers). People were encouraged to pre-order the Trials expansion ON THAT BASIS (new pets for your CH). Then the day AFTER everyone's credit card was charged for Trials, SOE announced that NGE was going to eliminate those very classes from the game that they had said were getting new content in Trials. So you got your new pet for 2 weeks, and then your prof was deleted from the game (etc).

This was such a clear case of marketing fraud that it was rumored that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) was investigating, and eventually SOE had to offer to refund the money of anyone who was unhappy with Trials -- essentially reversing years of SOE policy that they never refund anything.

Lies like this were told all through the summer and fall the year the NGE was released, utterly destroying SOE's credibility with the player base and causing many of us to cancel our accounts without really even trying the NGE -- just on principle.

It'd be like when 1.2 of TOR comes out, now that they have all these new crystals for sabers and stuff, they take all Force-using characters out of the game.
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