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The only planets where this holds true were the wookie planet, instances, and mustafar.

EVERY other planet you could cross from one edge of the map to the other. Yes planets were "rectangle maps" but you could freely travel any direction.

There were zero invisible barriers on the core worlds except at maps' edges.
Likewise for TOR and exhaustion zones. The only exception I can think of is Tatooine, and that's just one planet where it makes sense to have areas too dangerous to travel in. Either way, one planet hardly constitutes a widespread misuse of Exhaustion Zones.

Unless you're talking about city planets like Nar Shaddaa/Coruscant with real hallways and such blocking your way. In which case I definitely give the accolades to TOR over SWG. I wish that SWG offered nearly the variety that TOR does in it's planetscapes. All of those uniformly wide open planets, only with different colored trees, grass and rocks got old.