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Not to single you out, but I've seen this complaint many times as an alleged "shortcoming" of TOR compared to SWG and it really doesn't hold up to scrutiny. SWG might not have literally had Exhaustion Zones it's true, but every planet had invisible barriers that you couldn't get past even though you could clearly see past them and there were no obstacles in the way. This is no more realistic than Exhaustion Zones and it allowed for no more freedom whatsoever. Both games have/had points you couldn't cross and both enforced it artificially because there is no other real way to enforce it. Ok, so one does minuscule damage until you leave of your own accord and the other imposes an invisible "force field" but as far as affecting your ability to explore a planet the two are virtually identical.

So please, can we lay this falsehood to rest?
The only planets where this holds true were the wookie planet, instances, and mustafar.

EVERY other planet you could cross from one edge of the map to the other. Yes planets were "rectangle maps" but you could freely travel any direction.

There were zero invisible barriers on the core worlds except at maps' edges.