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Not really true.

It is true that you can gain more Legacy XP for doing content with your level 50 character than with a level 1-15 character (if that wasn't true, people would create and destroy throw away characters to optimize Legacy XP, which we really don't want).

We want Legacy to be a viable feature for both players that enjoy in alts and players that do not. So the features and system are balanced to give benefits to both types of players.

-- Georg
What ? two days ago your are just advertised inside the guild summit event the benefits of playing someone their alts and playing species and how much it affect this someone's legacy points and now you are saying that YOU HAVE NOT CAPPED the legacy from just one character ?

Sorry for that i will say , but you all seem that you do not know what you want and the most important you do not know how you will take it .

Right now in my guild i feed all the 50 lvl players that have bored to death playing again and again the same flashpoints and operations with the "legacy system benefits and how many benefits will they have if they start playing alts" and you are just show them the exit of the game ... ?

This is madness and from now you are alone in this path of dark side . not support and not spread again your b***its
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