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Quote: Originally Posted by legalgeek View Post
If you've got a speeder people want I imagine plenty of level 50's will be willing to pay a substantial amount for it.
That's the thing though, people want rare mounts.

That's why the multi-million credit mounts sell, because it's effectively telling people how rich you are.

If the Cybertech speeders are going to be both BoE and competitive on cost as far as materials go there's not going to be much of a market, why get the same mount as everyone else would?

Heck, with two 400 Cybertech myself I'm certainly never going to use the mounts I've already made once they go BoE.

I'll buy the most expensive vendor one instead, or possibly one of the horrendously ugly ones that noone else wants to be seen dead on.

On another note this is potentially bad for the game economy, since it'd increase inflation by shifting more credits between players instead of taking them out of the economy outright. Assuming people will buy the BoE Cybertech speeders of course, I really don't think that'll happen to any real extent.