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Whoever wrote this article is a bit of an idiot, I can give answers to most of those questions:

9: Einstein didn't exist for a minute because Doc never sends him back one minute after, whereas after the adventures Marty went back to 1985 allowing him to be there as normal in the future.

7: They sent the stormtroopers to make it seem harder for the heroes to escape, of course the stormtroopers were terrible shots so it was very unlikely that they would prevent the escape of the heroes.

5: Anakin never knew his children survived, for all he knew they would have died inside Padme, it wasn't until after the events of a new hope that darth vader found out that luke was his son.

3: The imperial officers didn't expect the plans to be hidden in the escape pod, as they would be expecting someone to guard the plans. They also wanted to recover the plans, not destroy them.

1: Its R2-D2, he's a very experienced droid, by the time of the the original trilogy he hasn't had his memories wiped in at least 30 years which gives him a ton of experience.
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