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03.08.2012 , 03:35 AM | #22
The worst part of the NGE change, at least for me, was that before in the CU (and pre-CU) you had an intense amount of post end game stuff you could do for character improvement. Following combat level 80, you could kill time and make progress and have countless hours to do it, always working toward more FS skills or Jedi training if that's what you wanted. At the very least you could still get a few additional skills from the basic lists to round yourself out.

When the NGE hit, the players literally had nothing to do after the end game. I can't italicize, bold text, capitalize, or otherwise augment the word "nothing" enough, so I won't try. There was no point at all to playing the game for anything new to do afterwards. And this didn't change for months. So in the end, most of the few holdout players did finally bail out.

So for me, that was what did it. Having practically an infinite amount to do to improve my character, to suddenly having nothing at all to do, was the NGE's biggest failure IMO. I might have given the changes more of a chance if Sony had bothered to think through giving me some post end game content.