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So ... your problem with the lightsaber isn't that it's some miraculous tube that creates a concentrated beam of light that only goes so far and requires practically NO power. Seriously, a couple double a batteries and you're set for like, a decade. No, instead, your problem with it is the belt.

Good sir, I mean this is in the friendliest, least cruel way I possibly can; That is *********** hilarious.
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I don't really understand the point of this discussion, being that Lightsabers don't even exist. You know Sci-Fi can make up whatever the hell rules they want to... sci-fi can defy gravity (god that made me want to sing Defying Gravity from Wicked...).
Sigh...You do realize this is the Star Wars discussion forum, right? You know, the place where people discuss the most random ideas like "who would win in a fight between Vader and Revan?" Of course lightsabers aren't real. This is a place to throw out "what ifs" and think creatively. If that's not for you and you have nothing to contribute to the discussion, then leave.

What I've been trying to say has nothing to do with the fantastical technology that makes lightsabers work. We all accept that in the Star Wars universe, there exists such technology. But the point is that humans are the same in both real life and in the Star Wars Universe, and that way lightsabers are designed does not work well with human physiology.
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