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Looks like a lot of us are on the same page when it comes to the "simple things" in regular interaction. SilentKitty's metion of a "hug" is cool, I like that idea! Mostly because it's just something "different". Another idea I had is the "emote" function. For instance if I click "rally" in a group of players/NPCs they all jump, clap and cheer. I think it would be cool if I targeted my companion (and if married) I could do a /hug or /kiss and it would do it.

I also agree with Applesauce on changing or adding to the "canned" responses", when just clicking on the companion. "YES SIR!" Just doesn't seem like the appropriate response for my wife LOL! I think these are small things taht could be implemented. Someone also mentioned to just change the scenery. For me, my entire "Romance" took place in a med bay. A MED BAY?! How drepressing!

As for future content, I think mini-games/stories that are REPEATABLE like flashpoints would be cool. I'm not looking for XP or credits. Outside of being married and romance in general, to do repeatable social stories with otehr companions would be cool too, for example:

I'd never thought I'd be a guy on here arguing for more "romance" content LOL!!, but after hours of killing and killing and killing, it's totally a different change. I'm just glad I'm not the only "weirdo" that wanted more "romance"!! It's nice to know others want this content..
Just to get the thread back on topic a bit =)

What do we want to happen with our LI:s once the last convo is over. I've heard something about new emotes coming with the 1.2-patch. Guess we will see what happens. And pretty please new canned responses after your are married! That would make me really happy.