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03.07.2012 , 07:24 PM | #1
So, i seen that cybertech will be able to sell speeders. Im guessing we will see scems drop and or buy from the vendor. I did not see if the speeders we have now will be able to sell? I hope not as it should be a perk to us. Now that being said, it takes alot of mats to make these speeders. anyone seen or maybe at the guild summit know if the mat count is lower then what we have to use right now? this is what it takes for the lvl 50 speeder.
10x Mando Iron
22x ciridium
22x zal alloy
12x thermalplast flux
32x durasteel

Now just in mats your looking at 200k so i really hope the mat count comes down a lot to sell at lower prices.