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Because almost every person giving an argument for LFG says he's a busy person with a family, he pays so he WANTS to have things handed to him, does it matter that it's an MMO and the nature of it is actually socializing?
I am a parent who wants LFG, you're right about that. But the rest of what you say is kind of pointless.

What in the world does this have to do with anything being "handed" to me?

I invite you to roll a character on the server Thana Vesh. Then go to the Republic Fleet for a night. I would like you to witness the general chat there.

[Oh and don't tell me to roll on another server]

It is near impossible to get a FP group going. I've never seen more than 60 something people on the fleet ever. It is rarely that high either.

I could sit there for hours trying to find a specific FP that I need to run. So, yes, I do think that I am a paying customer and I shouldn't have to sit and spam "LFG Directive 7" for hours on end to do things within the game.