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The new crystals they added are complete non sense....I am valor 72 and have enough to buy the Advanced War Hero white saber crystal....Well Being a pvper with all Battle Master gear the crystal has no use to me....I cant Mod my BM Saber with the advanced war hero white crystal, you say put it in a moddable saber ok....But then I lose like 10% in stats...dmg, WP, end, acc, just about every stat goes down...So I ask you bioware what am I suppose to do with a 2.5 million white war hero crystal as a pvper with a lightsaber that can not be modded? why are these crystals here? why is there no valor requirment on it ??? it makes no sense...
The whole point of the crystals was a fast money sink to act as a bandaid for the massive influx of money coming into the system, 1.2 the vendor will change and pvp gear will be made moddable.

BTW the hidden/unremovable crystal on your BM saber +41 endurance (identical to endurance white crystal)