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1. Name of the server where you encounter disconnects
Before 1.1.5 Harbinger. Post 1.1.5 Harbinger and Jedi Covenant.

2. Day and time of a 1-2 hour block where you disconnected on average more than once every 15 minutes. (remember to tell us timezone!) We’re looking these up in the logs, so the more specific you can be the better!
8pm-10pm EST.

3. Have you been receiving the disconnects continually? Are they during particular times of the day? Has it been consistent since launch? Do they tend to group up?
They happen throughout the day, MUCH more frequent in the evenings.

4. How reliably can you reproduce the disconnects? 100%? 75%?
I can't reliably produce the disconnects. They happen when they happen, and they happen to EVERYONE I play with in atlanta at the same time. (All comcast users).

5. Are you on a wired or wireless connection? If wireless, what brand and model of router are you using?
I'm Wired.

6. Do you share the network connection with others? If so, do they play SWTOR, and have they also experienced disconnects? Are their disconnects at the same time as yours?
I share the network connection with others. At least one other SWTOR player, sometimes 2. Everyone disconnects at the same time.

7. What version of Windows are you running? Are you running 32 or 64 bit?
I run win7 64 bit. Wife Runs win7 32 bit.

8. Are you running any antivirus or firewall programs or any other network filtering program?
I run a hardware firewall.

9. Would you be willing to be contacted by a BioWare developer and work through some debugging steps hands on with us (most likely via phone)? If so, what timezone are you in?
I'm in the Eastern Time zone. More than willing to work with your crew.

Additional Notes: Pre 1.1.5 this was only occuring on Harbinger (west coast server) I BELIEVE ( can't quite confirm ) the disconnects on Harbinger began after a major patch in January (I'm guessing 1.1.2 but I can't confirm).

This lead several of us to try an East coast server. (Jedi Covenant), and until yesterday this worked flawlessly. After 1.1.5 we all got disconnected last night. (twice).

Please note, all of these players were NOT in the same household, but were ALL using Comcast Internet.

Testing: We created a VPN server at the home of someone using ATT, and tested it out. (Pre 1.1.5) People on Harbinger using the VPN stayed connected while those still running their Comcast connections straight to SWTOR would all be disconnected.