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03.07.2012 , 05:15 AM | #24
Well Bioware sad to see that you like soo many other companies have decided not to care about your subscriber base. I decided when i first started getting error 9000 every 5 dman minutes to give you guys till yesterdays patch to fix it, and you did OMG....launcher patched and game ran great. Then i went to work playing in the evening launcher patched again and game is back to constant error 9000's

I will not be renewing my subscription, as it seems you either cannot or willnot repair this issue.

I would suggest that you think really seriously about long term game health of a game that is unplayable.

As i say you failed to fix this issue (wich your updates caused) in anything resembling a decent time frame.

goodbye SWTOR, I for one will never be back, as im not about to pay for a service and not recieve it.