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03.06.2012 , 11:36 PM | #29
I've had the poor FPs in WZ and fleet from the start as well. When soloing I'm fine with max settings. So I started putting my setting to lowest before entering pvp, it might help by 3-4 fps, but that's meaningless when it's under 10 in civil war and about 15-20 in hutball/Vs.

Which gives me the first point... give us a freaking particle effects option, all the stupid *** turret lasers and explosions in Civil War are terrible for under peak machines.

But anyway my main comment is a new development. Now when I set my setting back to high to go quest some more some textures completely fuz out and any scene with a holoterminal, the holo is never displayed at all. I found if I change the AA from high to low then those textures that are issues are displayed properly and the holos are shown again.

This is an obvious sign of the engine corrupting, I have to reinstall no doubt to fix it, but I doubt if I'll continue playing after my sub is up so not gonna bother unless I resub.

But this is just pathetic that the engine is this problematic.