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Well you're right that the blade is weightless, but I highly doubt that a foot long tube of metal housing a power pack would be weightless as well. If I were wielding a flashlight, I still would prefer having my dominant hand on top.
You cannot compare a fictional weapons, with a real world device. Given that Is is Fiction a lightsabers components, and building material are likely to be unlike anything we currently possess.

Obviously It cannot be entirely weightless, but taking into account that The Force would amplify the users strength, and stamina the weight issue Is quickly corrected.
The people who would use Lightsabers will have spent their entire lives using It. The idea that It would feel awkward due to weight, or which way the hilt was hanging Isn't valid, as It Is likely the user has chosen these things themselves, and are accustomed to that preference.

Sure, pulling the lightsaber with the force would improve the speed of drawing the lightsaber, but it doesnt change the fact that you would have to hold the lightsaber with the right hand on the bottom before switching to the top.
I don't understand where all this Is coming from. You've clearly watched the movies, and every single person (except Han) never have any problems using their lightsaber for defense, or attack even with these "awkward" and "impractical" ways to carry them.
While It may seem impractical, and seems awkward to you, that certainly doesn't mean whoever Is using It feels the same way.