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Never seen my FPS drop in PVP below 30. People are saying while in caves while Soling they are getting 15 or less.
My fps, on my laptop, when soloing is around (avg) 60+ v-sync off . PvP on the other hand is a funny story.Only my i5 2500k (haven't bothered OCing yet) is able to maintain a reasonable avg (>50) in WZs (although everything maxed). Finally Illum is a joke when big fights happens.

Who ever gets 15fps when soloing in this thread, has either a crappy machine or his client is misbehaving for uknown to him and us reasons or he probably is unlucky and has a combination of hardware for which the game is not optimized; of course there are known reasons (to the users, I don't think BW wants to hear about those) as in example bad optimization for ati cards and amd cpus...

I have to say you picked my curiosity and I would love a screenshot of Alderaan with a big fight going with your avg fps printed on it. (just for reference to other users, state your specs, too)
Laptops in general, even the so called gaming laptops, tend to be kinda slow compared to any descent gaming desktop and fps in WZs is heavily cpu dependent.
I am too one of the 5%