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12.15.2011 , 08:38 PM | #1
My buddy asked me to post this on here for him. Please excuse typos, he sent from his phone while on hold with BW customer service. He's very upset because we all ordered the collectors edition and planned on playing together at launch. Take care!

"To Bioware Customer Support,

My username is DrkElment and I am honestly really ticked. I preordered my collecters edition back in august, entered my code and setup my account very eager to get into SWTOR. I filled out all the security question answers and wrote them down just to be sure something like what is happening to me now wont happen. Well i received my early access email and tried to sign in to my account to begin playing and it prompts me a security question. I tupe in the answer and it tells me its wrong. I know its not because i wrote it down right after i submitted it when i signed up. So i tried calling customer service to help me solve this issue and so far i have been put on hold 3 times each for almost 3 hrs and didnt even get to talk to anyone. I really want to play but i cant because of this stupid problem. Please get your stuff together so i can play the game that i have waited quite sometime to enjoy.

Sent from my iPhone"