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I personally think the issues lies within the people computer. I run a fairly new gaming laptop and have yet to see my FPS drop below 30. Normally I am around 70 unless I PVP

Stop blaming Bioware for outdated video cards, and drivers. For those who have NVIDiA cards. They recently released a new version.

For those who have 4 gigs of ram? What do you expect. That should be bare minimal, and therefore expect low settings or low FPS. Upgrade your RAM to 8 + gigs and see the differences.

Check your processes > control alt delete > Start task manager > and the process tab . How many processes are you running. Honestly anything about 50 is to much for Windows Vista

Go the the perfomance tab> CPU Usage should be without running anything around 10% . Ram Usage should be minimal. I have 16 gig ram. Without running anything I have 2 gigs used by other processes.

Now take that into consideration if you only have 4 gigs of ram > that leaves around 2 gigs to the SWTOR? See the issue?
Your post is laughable, sorry.