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Wow. 15000. In comparison to the 2 million subscribers that's what .05 percent of the players? So what point did you make. My point is. If it was a huge issue, that affected 50% of the 2million + subscribers. You would have a point. Logic tends to say, " When the minority is the issues, the issue is caused by the minority"
Its pretty well known that forum users barely make up even 1% of the total subscribers, if that.

If 15,000 posts have been made by only 1% of the subscibers, that means there are a LOT more people who have problems, that simply arent on the forums posting.

How many of the 99% who arent on the forums are having the problem?

But lets use Biowares numbers instead. They claim 5% of people are having the issue (based on tickets and issues submitted, since they seem to think EVERYONE with the problem has submitted an issue). 5% of 1,700,000 players = 85,000 players

85,000 players! Thats double the people in town i live in.

85,000 x 15 a month = $1,275,000.00 dollars a month in subscription fees

So tell me, you think bioware or EA is gonna look and say "85,000 players is still small compared to 1.7 million players" when it means possibly LOSING over 1.2 million dollars a month in subscription fees? I think they would view it a bit differently than you.

This FPS performance issue, by all regards, is a 1.275 million dollar a month problem. Because based on Biowares on estimates, thats the amount of money they stand to lose if the people affected by it decide to leave.