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03.06.2012 , 10:32 AM | #15
"Q: Metrics for Operations? When will we get threat meters and combat logs?

Gabe: We don’t want to rely as much as meters, we want to rely more on visual in-game cues. We do want to have those metrics though. They’re not in 1.2 though.

Georg: We do realize it is useful to figure out what is being done wrong. But we don’t want to people to be able to go out and judge you. With 1.2 you will be able to enable a chat log feature that indicates what killed you or what you killed. We also will have a detailed parseable combat log able to be written to disc. The log will not be available in-game."

Moué bon, c'est déja ca on va dire.

N'empeche ca se voit grave qu'ils ont trop peur d'implémenter des meters, car à cause de cela on verra noir sur blanc le déséquilibre entre certaines classes du coup >>> whine fofo, du coup >>> obliger de bosser sur le ré-équilibrage >>> bcp de temps de travail.