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The Trandoshan sat with Terken, face to face as Terken explained his heritage. While he spoke, a sweet-smelling meat was broiling in a pot in the center of the small room, fueled by a small wooden fire.

"My father was Urno. As you can tell, he is very proud of his clan" Terken said, spreading his arms to the various flags that held the room hostage.

"When he took my mother and had me- He made sure both of us were aware that the Urno were powerful and that no force in the known space could destroy them. Us". Terken opened the pot of meat, using a leaver that jutted out of the side of the pot, pulling it, Tetinark realized, caused the top of the pot to open. Hot mist escaped from it, and dissipated as it rose to the ceiling. The smell of the food was almost palpable, and Tetinark could almost taste the meat on his tongue.

Terken continued his story, his face taking a darker color. The color was similar to when He had first told Tetinark he killed his parents.

"The Mandalorians have never truly been united. At least as far as I know. Clans were always attacking clans, absorbing them into their own, to please the grand Mandalore."

"Grand Mandalore?" Tetinark asked. Terken nodded, fiddling with the pot's handle.

"The Grand Mandalore is..." Terken trailed off, unsure how to finish his statement.

"King?" Tetinark offered. Terken smiled.

"Yeah, king. Except not totally. Like I said before, we were never unified, and I think that's how we survived for so long- We weren't one target or one planet. Even one race. The Grand Mandalore, however, was the Man'dul'a, the leader of the strongest clan. He would recognize the second strongest clan, and would form a marriage alliance with them. The two clans would unite, sort of speak. They became the closest thing to a Goverment, while the lesser clans, such as the Urno, any clan weaker than the one that was chosen, was left to fend for themselves. That is when my father fled. He came here, and found my mother. He was still proud of our clan, But even he doesn't know if any still roam. The small weak clans, such as the Urno, were the ones first killed off and ***** by the stronger ones. While the grand clan sits in the capital, with security of arms and intellect-The rest of us suffer and die at the hands of our own peoples." Terken's voice shook as he spoke.

He got up abruptly, and went upstairs that had led into the washing chambers. But when he jogged back down, he had a skin-hide bag that, from the sound of it, contained cutlery. He sat back down by Tetinark, opened the bag, and handed him a plate(Or a bowl, Tetinark couldn't tell which) and a two-speared eating utensil. He took out also from the bag his own set of eating tools, and a ladle, which he dipped into the pot, and pulled out, revealing chunky meat swimming in a white broth. He motioned Tetinark to offer his plate, and dripped the meal from the ladle into Tetinark's possession. Terken looked at the Trandoshan, having to suppress laughter from such an odd scene- Tetinark sat in the cushion, with his legs crossed, holding the plate with one hand and his utensil in the other.

"I hope it's good for you." Terken said. They ate in relative silence, each one too busy in their meals to speak to one another.