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12.15.2011 , 08:14 PM | #22
Getting to level 10 gives you ZERO indication of what or how the advanced class is going to play. The content was designed with the base archetype in mind, not the advanced class.

I may be completely in the minority on this but this is what doesn't make any sense to me:

I level up an Imperial Agent from 1-50 with the intent to go to Sniper. I experience the storyline in all of its glory with the wonderful twists, turns, betrayal, etc. I've reached max level and I decide I want to check out the Operative. I now have to go through the EXACT same content again to get there. One could argue that you could force yourself to choose light vs dark or vice versa in order to get a different outcome but is that really an option?

In a game that is so focused on story it would have made much more sense to tailor the stories to the advanced classes and not the base archetype giving you much more room for replayability.

What about rewarding those who have reached max level the ability to switch their AC (temporarily or permanently) in order to check out the advanced part of their class?

The choice of picking an advanced class is such an important one but the content design around it was not.