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12.15.2011 , 08:04 PM | #5
why again is your account locked? you forgot your security questions? or did you get a bug or a server/website problem on their part?

i made sure i wouldnt lock myself out by actually knowing my security question answers so really, if you got locked out for that, its your own fault. but.. neither of us are going to get thru if people dont stop calling about stupid things that csrs cant even fix. which, security they can, but, its stupid to make you call to fix the problem especially during early entry. make it go live to have to call them on launch, not early entry.

you realize the message says "unexpected" call volume? does that not sound a bit naive and unprepared after their careful calculation and work in beta?

my question is, how do you *NOT* expect high call volume, they saw the pre order figured and sales estimates. it baffles me how you cannot expect high call volume.