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12.15.2011 , 08:00 PM | #4
so now the phone support doesnt even pick up it just goes to the operator saying it cant make the call.

my advice, keep calling and try to crash all their systems maybee they'll call someone and wake them up to come fix something.

you know, csr work sucks, but its like EA goes out of its way to make it exceptionally painful.

has *ANYONE* gotten to speak to a real human on the phone? or even a reply that isnt automated from CSR rep on the forums or email?

its taken days, just to get an autoreply and likely will launch before i even get a reply. well then my problem will be fixed by them and they will have a 5$ scam complete.

i know it says "up to 5 days". well. my wave was in yesterday.

i dont care about excuses, or apologies. an answer with a reason and compensation would be nice. i'm guessing thats just wisfhul thinking at this point.