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Sincerely i prefer Anakin Solo, but he died to young. Mr Lucas belived that people might confuse the two Anakin's, so decided that probably one stronguest charaters in SW EU, and some foretold be the future leader of the jedi Order, died before reaching his full potencial.
Anyway, i don't believe we will se any movie or tv series about anything already wrote. If something comes out, it will be completly new and probably in a new time set.
Anakin Solo's 'full potential', as originally planned, was to fall to the dark side just like his namesake. All the good stuff he had going for him in NJO was originally slated for Jacen, who would've died a hero, saving the mission. Instead, the storylines were swapped when Lucas said "Uh, don't make Anakin fall to the dark side."

He may have said "it may confuse fans", but he could've also easily said--and been absolutely correct--that "it's a dumb idea." Of course Anakin would have to deal with the fact he's named after his grandpa, who turned to evil and slaughtered hundreds of Jedi and helped bring tyranny to the galaxy. But it's lazy and uninteresting to have him succumb to that doubt and fear. Brush the dark side, sure... but not fall. It'd make him a stronger character to overcome those doubts & fears (both his own and his family's/anyone else who knows the history). And, in a way, that's what they did... but because he also had Jacen's "god of the Force" storyline attached to him, he went out as a blindingly-bright being, saving his team.

Having ANY of the Solo children (or Ben Skywalker) fall to the dark side and/or become a Sith Lord was pretty lazy on Del Rey's part. They had a legacy to live with, of a villainous grandfather but heroic parents. Have 'em grapple with the negative, but do it in a more interesting way than "Oops, he fell to the dark side. He didn't think he would, he thought he could be better than grandpa and what he was doing was right, but he's fallen and he can't get up and he's a monumental threat to the galaxy and Jedi and he may just kill some of his family." Have the true dark side threats come from OUTSIDE the Skywalker clan... then the kids could learn to deal with them and their own internal struggles, like Luke did in the OT.

Another reason I kinda want a reboot of the post-ROTJ EU. Keep Mara, Ben, Jacen, Jaina, Anakin... keep most of the Rogue/Wraith Squadron stuff intact (including Corran and his Jedi family)... but bring up Luke & Mara's wedding (along with the Hand of Thrawn stuff and the peace treaty w/ t he Empire) to soon after the twins are born, so Ben won't be 15 years younger than his cousins. Keep some of the threats, like Thrawn, but have the Empire (read: Pellaeon) face facts a lot sooner, so it's not another decade of fighting the Remnant after Thrawn's failure. Ditch Dark Empire entirely (aside from Boba surviving, maybe...just don't let Traviss near him or Fett'll make every Jedi look like a chump and the Mandalorian language will be second-nature to half the galaxy instead of Huttese). Keep the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV, and the eventual resettling of Ossus. Keep the Empire of the Hand, and Baron Fel's involvement in it. Have Luke & Leia find out about their mother A LOT earlier (Artoo would probably be thrilled at the end of ROTJ, finding out that Leia now knows she's Luke's sister, so he wouldn't wait decades to show them or let 'em find old recordings of their parents).

Let the kids--and other heroes of a new generation--take the spotlight (when they're old enough), and KEEP them there. And let the OT heroes do whatever it is they're supposed to do (Leia as Chancellor, Luke as Grand Master Jedi, Han constantly looking for ways to avoid state functions and probably off gallivanting around with Chewie in the Falcon, checking out Lando's latest enterprises), quietly, in the background. Not in the thick of things ALL the time. And no Solos/Skywalkers falling to the dark side! It'd be better off if Cade Skywalker, over a century later, was the first one to truly be in danger of falling. (I wouldn't mind keeping Cade and much of LEGACY, just not the Maul-tattoo 'uniform' of most of the Sith)