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03.05.2012 , 04:05 PM | #20
Over the past month I have had several problems with latency spiking on a regular basis. I have contacted customer support for assistance and I only get the run around. I have done a tracert as requested emailing it to customer support. I received an email saying it was my internet connection so I contacted my internet provider. At that time I ordered a new router and boosted my internet speed from 18 Mbps to 24 Mbps. I then did another tracert and did a speed test at the same time. The tracert timed out while my download speed remained at 24 Mbps. I opened the ports on my routers firewall for the game as well. All to no avail. The latency I have come to realize is a game server issue since almost everyone I have mentioned it to has told me they have the same problem, some not even reporting it. It is not my internet it is the game server.

Most importantly, when I contacted a live agent today 03/05/12 I asked for any form of compensation to make up for having to create over 70 tickets, 10 live chat events and nothing resolved other than me spending money for a new router and boost my internet speed and the problem still continues. The customer service agent B6-a4 told me they were unwilling to do anything to help me, compensation wise. Agent B6-a4 then said he was not in the department who handles such matters and refused to transfer me or have someone from that department get ahold of me, he said it was company policy to not forward or transfer me to soeone who had the power or was willing to do any form of compensation. I then said if it is company policy to ignore paying customers and address known issues and or make up for issues if they cannot fix it then I would be forced to cancel my account. He did not respond for about 10 minutes. His reply was basicly saying if thats what I choose they cannot stop me from doing so. In a nut-shell I am leaving the game due to very poor customer service.

I love the game but it seems the customer support doesn't care about the game enough to fix known issues.

I was on the server Soresu and I know several people who have had the same exact issues and the customer service tells them the same thing.

I don't really want to leave the game and would love to come back and/or not leave if this was addressed properly, or so I dont feel kicked to the curb. When I worked in customer service it was always help the customer and come to a resolution nomatter what. That is not the case with this game. They always respond in a nice way saying they will not do anything. Which doesn't seem right to me.

I hope the same thing that happened to me doesnt happen to anyone else.