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I've got a relatively new computer (built it a few months back), and I blue screen every so often. I can't seem to diagnose the issue. It appears to happen randomly in games, whether it be LoL or Skyrim (once in each).

But TOR is consistent with the blue-screening. Every time I fight the second boss of Hammer Station, Vorgan the Volcano, I blue screen. I've been in 2 previous betas (different builds), and now this final release copy and it still occurs. This past time, it happened right as we killed the final mob, Scorch, who we had CC'd for the majority of the fight. As soon as he died - BWAM! Blue screen!

I'm really unsure as to what's causing this issue, and Windows is just as unhelpful ("It could be these[list 30 hardware / software problems]"). So I turn to you all, and Bioware, to understand why I might be blue-screening during this encounter, and why I might be blue-screening over all.

If you need any sort of file dumps or anything, let me know and I'll post them. I would appreciate instructions on how to do so, though. Thanks!
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