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03.05.2012 , 01:03 AM | #18
1. Shadow Hand, but after it Disconnects I cannot log onto any server

2. No Problems until Saturday March 3rd, starting around 8pm, now I can play for 5-15 minutes then be disconnected and I am unable to log into any server for hours at a time.

3. Like a said March 3rd is when it started, otherwise minus the rare disconnect, SWTOR war running tip top max settings on a decently populated server.

4. I can't make it disconnect me, it just happens, mid combat, mid travel, mid quest conversation, mid load screen...

5. wired

6. Yes Shared network connection, no other SWTOR players

7. Windows 7 64 bit

8. Avira AV and windows security firewall, but neither has been changed or updated since the disconnects began.

9. They can call me between 8-10pm CST usually