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Vader had chances of killign him and tried to use those but Obi-wan swatted them, Vader's physical force almost crushed Obi's bones. Obi-wan literally had 2-3 times of killing him but he paused and there were all those paragraphs about Anakin being his brother and what not.

If you'd prefer me to pull out the novel, I can.
I'm not claiming your source is wrong, I am claiming the same source and others, show Vader having the upper hand at some points as well, and who is to say Vader could not also defend himself against those openings, the moment Obi-Wan manipulates Vader's steel hand into dropping his lightsaber and losing it to Obi-Wan, does not suggest he could not simply gain his weapon back from either struggling or the force(as seen in the movie) or use the force to stop Obi-Wan.