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03.04.2012 , 04:10 AM | #38
Always nice to see devs responding, especially mr Zoeller. But..
The so called ranged defence of 20% or so applies only to ranged attacks, in other words Snipers/GSs.
In reality very few play Snipers/GSs so we are not having a great defense ability.
As for the Crouch/Take Cover mechanic, i use the middle button as a convenient and fast way to get into cover but by adding one more button to my over-buttoned abilities, just for doing the needed action is one button too much (Even if i could switch the middle button to Crouch is still an unforgiving annoyance).
As noted by many SN/GSs there is an issue while taking cove on a ledge or on some obstacles that is very time consuming and it leads to certain death on most occasions.
I like PvPing with my GS, i have great time most of the time, but those bugged mechanics and some more, are causing me frustration.
As for our DPS, as stated in so many threads concerning the matter, we can do good damage but there are other classes that do the same and have more utility and/or survivability than the SN/GS.
I m not asking for a buff but i would like to see some changes addressing all those real issues.
I wonder if i can use this as a night light.