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About the 'gumby' (the green cover indicator).

The game renders a 'gumby' when

1. You have a target selected
2. There is any object in your front facing arc that would grant you cover against the currently selected target.

So you need a target selected for Mr. Gumby to show. As mentioned by others in this thread before, sometimes there is no such hard cover point in the area between you and the target, or there are points that would not break line of sight with the target - in those cases, Mr. Gumby will not be shown.
Regarding 2, am I misremembering something? I seem to remember that the Green Silhouette can appear behind you. And if you hit Take Cover, it rolls you backwards. In addition, you can roll to a spot which then gives you a "Cannot See Target" error on your very next ability, this happens quite often.

Of course, I only played with the Cover mechanic for about the first 20 levels of my Operative, until the full transition to melee-guy was complete. And those first 20 levels were in Early Access, so it might have changed since then.