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I'm thinking that Lucas will probably be avoiding live action from here on out. He has had way way way too much success with the Clone Wars animated series. He can actually tell the stories he wants and show the wild exotic things he dreams up without all those messy actors, special effects or overwelming costs getting in the way.

As far as Jacen and Jaina? If he were to do anything with them I can't see it being anything much later than the "Young Jedi" early teen period. Which would pretty much wipe out or invalidate any of the later books. Something set not too long past the original Zahn books. And even then it would be a strategically poor topic to film.

All it would bring him would be trouble. Outside of the book readers the twins etc are unknown. So it would have to be early enough where Luke, Han etc are still the main players. And it dances dangerously close to the atrocity that is the Yuuzhan Vong. And if he ever formalizes, clarifies or puts the death of Chewbacca on film in any way the real fans will hunt him down and dismember him. If he does it using another retread of the same bloody evil aliens that we have seen in oh so many SCiFi shows in recent years then they will burn what remains. (yeah sorry fans but the Yuuzhan Vong = the wraith = those dudes from later Earth Final Conflict = those John Travolta L Ron Hubbard aliens = well the list goes on and on. They are just all the same!)

Now I think after Clone Wars ends there is a huge chance we will see a semi continuation of it. An animated version of the originally planned Star Wars Underworld, that occurs between RotS and A New Hope, where we see things like the full rise of the Empire and Vader's Jedi hunt, and the beginning of the rebellion. Maybe even some young Han Solo stories.

And really a friend just talked me into watching the Clone Wars series. I gotta say it is George's best work since Empire. A total reversal from all that was the prequels. He seems to have learned from the prequels. While he puts forth and gives final approval to all stories but he lets others actually execute the show. And wow what a difference it makes. If you can make it past the pilot movie and the big headed animation style you will find some great Star Wars stuff in there.