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03.03.2012 , 11:20 PM | #2
I think it would never happen. Lucas takes very little from the EU. It's a money-maker for him.

And what would make it so special? We certainly don't need any of those ridiculous force powers every author has to dream up in order to out-do a previous book/character just to keep things seemly legit.

I mean, Luke can practically destroy reality with the force now. The lowest and weakest force-sensitive would wipe the floor with what we see Yoda do in the movies.

I liked the story Arc with Jacen and Jaina when Jacen went bad. But it wouldn't translate into a trilogy without waaaaaaaaaaay too much skipped. And again without introducing absolutely stupid force powers.

Plus...does'nt male/female twins ring a little too familiar to Luke and does.

Not to mention Lucas shouldn't be allowed to touch anything Star Wars again..good imagination, crap writer and director. There's a reason most fans of the OT like Empire best....

nope. bad idea.