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The best? No. Worthy of at least an honorable mention? YES. He defeated Mandalore the Ultimate. Was a prominent, charismatic, & brilliant Jedi. Nearly conquered the whole galaxy as Dark Lord of the Sith. He also managed to live 300 some years.
1. No Jedi would ever consider genocide to be a justifiable solution.

2. He was forced to live three hundred years, and the only reason he wasn't even more insane from the Emperor's torture was because of Meetra.

I enjoyed playing the original KotOR just as much as the next guy, but Revan was a medium sized fish in a very small pond in KotOR one and two. As soon as he encountered the even bigger fish in the Empire, he got spanked. Hard.

Like Qui-Gon said, "there's always a bigger fish", and it isn't Revan.
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