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Why yes he is...

Oh but he was me in a video game and I one shotted everything with a lightsaber (oh wait, he didn't, any sense in that?).

It's time for this *** of a wanna be great one brought back down to earth, he was never great, he was never one of the best, he got his *** beat by a bunch of random lvl 35s, if not lower.

Vader would beat his ***, Obi wan would as well, even in ep 4 when he is grey and old, it's a known fact, that revan is a age old useless tool.
The best? No. Worthy of at least an honorable mention? YES. He defeated Mandalore the Ultimate. Was a prominent, charismatic, & brilliant Jedi. Nearly conquered the whole galaxy as Dark Lord of the Sith. He also managed to live 300 some years.
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