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Awesome stuff there man. This should clear various misunderstandings regarding the Emperor.

However, I'd like to add something of my own. Regarding who was the Sith Lord that struck a deal with Sel-Makor, I believe that it actually was Baras. He clearly is pretty old and when SW meets the Voice on Voss, Voice says that "Baras offered me this body as he knew that no Voss could leave this chamber". Therefore, it was propably Baras's suggestion that the Emperor claim Voss mystic as a vessel for the Voice (this can be validated by the fact that if Baras was on Voss earlier to deal with Sel-Makor, he also learned about this particular weakness and exploited it against the Emperor). Also, Sel-Makor says that he gave power to the Sith Lord whom he dealt with and seeing that Baras is powerful in his own right, he could be the one Sel-Makor was referring to.


Iím going to take a position nowÖ..that I expect to be controversial in the replies. I donít think Scourge has ever met the Emperorís True Body.
He did in the book Revan and we can pretty safely assume that it was the actual body since it was 300 years before the Treaty so the Emperor didn't depart yet. Also, when Scourge first met the Emperor in the Citadel, the Emperor showed him his mind for a split second which resulted in Scourge collapsing on the floor, crying like a baby and it involved Scourge looking directly in Emperor's eyes.

That said, it's very ambiguous as to whether the "Emperor" in JK chapter 2 finale is Voice or the actual Emperor's body since on one hand we know that Emperor left known galaxy after the Treaty and on the other hand we have a Voice in Voss body and by all accounts, there can't be 2 Voices at the same time. My personal belief is that Scourge doesn't know about Emperor's departure and that it was the Voice JK saw in chapter 2 but masked so that Voss face isn't visible. However I don't have any solid proof for that so don't quote me on that.
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