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12.15.2011 , 06:32 PM | #3
i am not going quietly into the night this time and just taking it i have your customer service number on auto dial constantly. i am constantly posting, and am going to keep this thread and info in your face until you anwswer me or credit me for your negligence. i'm used to mmo crap, but this is a new level of either incompetence or complacency.

MMOS are NOT A 9 to 5 job. they are 24/7.

if you cannot understand that, dont run a mmo. treat it as your life, as we do. otherwise you are just going to hear more and more ranting. take steps to fix it. dont go home and pat yourself on the back for another days work.

as far as i'm concerned you havent helped me one bit, maybee other people. yet i've been vocalizing my problem as soon as i could and as consicely as possible. now i'm just to the ranting angrily part because of being ignored.

sqeaky wheel gets the grease? well.. grease me if you want me to shut up then. everyone deserves an answer to their complaint.