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A Primer on the Emperor

Table of Contents[toc00]
0- Table of Contents [toc00]
1- What is this? [wit01]
2- Who is the Emperor? [wie02]
3- Important Terms [ite03]
4- Timeline of the Emperor [toe04]
5- Explanation of Timeline Entries [ete05]
6- The Problem with Scourge [pws06]
7- Questions and Answers [qaa07]
8- Update Log[udl08]

What is this?[wit01]
This is a project I have had in the back of my mind for a while now. Basically this is my attempt to explain everything about the Emperor that is currently known. The section that is the most important in my opinion is the Explanation of the Timeline Entries section as it is going to be where I explain how the events in various stories are interconnected. Iíve separated this from the timeline to try and make the timeline easier to read.

Iím going to be heavily citing to the game. While this whole primer is essentially a giant spoiler(so yeah spoiler warning), I am going to put any and all direct quotes from the game in spoiler tags in an attempt to make it clear when I am directly citing the game.

Who is the Emperor?[wie02]
The Emperor is Lord Vitiate who lived during the time of the Great Hyperspace War and gained immortality near the end of it. He then led the remains of the Sith on a trip which ended with them settling on Dromund Kaas and reforming the Empire under his rule. According to legend he was born on the planet Medriaas with the name Tenebrae. Potentially he is one of, if not the, most powerful force user in Star Wars mythos. To stand in the presence of his Voice is to be corrupted to the dark side. To stand in the presence of his True Body is to have your mind addled.

Important Terms[ite03]
Emperorís True Body- This is a term that the game does not use, but I am going to use to avoid confusion on what I am referring to. The Emperorís True Body is his main body which is presumably the body he was born with. Potentially could be a Sith Pureblood body, but the evidence for that is not conclusive.

Voice of the Emperor- This is the body that the Emperor speaks to the Empire through. According to the codex, the Voice always speaks withÖ.the same voice. The Voice of the Emperor is created by the Emperor placing ďhis power and consciousnessĒ into another body. The codex states that the Voice has had appearances that range from a young human female to an elderly full-blooded Sith male. In game we see him as a Voss mystic and an elderly human male.

Emperorís Hand- This is an organization consisting of a group of people who essentially oversee the Emperorís plans. The exact size of it is unknown, we see three members each of which is conveniently named ďServant #Ē. I personally suspect there ten servants because of the name, but that is solely speculation. According to the codex, ďthe Emperor's thoughts are theirs, and their wills are his to command.Ē

Children of the Emperor- The Children are a group of people that have been indoctrinated by the Emperor, most since a young age. According to the codex, ďthe children are infused with the Emperor's strength, sharing some measure of his thoughts and power for the rest of their lives.Ē Additionally the Emperor can turn them into puppets if he wishes to possess them. It is somewhat implied the Emperor might be able to hear and see what all of his Children are experiencing and the codex supports this by saying ď[t]hey become the Emperor's eyes and ears.Ē

First Son of the Emperor- The most powerful of the Children of the Emperor. There are two things that really distinguish him from other Children. First he has something of a split personality, his personality as a Child of the Emperor is separate from the one he exhibits during normal life making him a perfect sleeper agent. It should be noted though that he is not the only one like this though. The more important difference is that he is responsible for shielding all the Children of the Emperor who serve as infiltrators in the Republic from being detected by the Jedi.

Emperorís Wrath- The Emperorís executioner. A position created specifically for Lord Scourge upon his betrayal of Revan. Currently only two Wraths have ever existed, Lord Scourge and the Sith Warrior. Lord Scourge was given immortality along with the position. I have seen an argument made that the Sith Warrior was given immortality upon receiving the position as well, but the evidence for this isnít particularly strong and it not made particularly clear if that is intended to be the case.

Timeline of the Emperor[toe04]

5,113 BBY- Emperor is born

5,000 BBY- Following the end of the Great Hyperspace War, Emperor performs ritual to gain immortality and leads an exodus of Sith outside of known hyperspace routes

4,980 BBY- Emperorís exodus arrives on Dromund Kaas

3,960 BBY- Revan and Malak attempt to face the Emperor and become his servants

Approx. 300 years before Jedi Knight Chapter 2- Scourge, Revan, and Surik challenge the Emperor. Scourge betrays Revan and Surik and is given the position of Emperorís Wrath. Revan is taken prisoner and used to allow the Emperor to access the Light Side of the force.

3,681 BBY- Sith Empire begins the Great War by attacking the Republic.

At least 20 years before Jedi Knight Chapter 3- A ďgreat Sith lordĒ, potentially the Emperor, visits Voss and makes deals with Sel-Makor.

3,653 BBY- Treaty of Coruscant signed. Around the time this occurs, the Emperor leaves the known galaxy to an unknown location.

5 years before Imperial Agent Chapter 3- Latest possible point in the timeline that Voss could be discovered. Shortly after Voss is discovered, Empire wages war on Voss and is defeated. During the war a Voss mystic is captured to be used as a host body for the Voice of the Empire.

Jedi Knight Chapter 1: First encounter between the Emperor and the Jedi Knight, meeting occur by Sith Emperor taking over Kira.

Roughly Chapter 2 of Republic class stories: Republic forces free Revan from Imperial prison resulting in connection between Revan and the Emperor being broken.

Jedi Knight Chapter 2: Jedi Knight and 3 other Jedi attempt to capture the Voice of the Emperor, believing it to be the Emperor. Jedi Knight defeats Scourge, but then the Emperor defeats and converts the Jedi to be his minions.

Between Jedi Knight Chapters 2 and 3: The Voice of the Emperor goes to Voss and is captured by a trap laid by Baras.

Start of Jedi Knight Chapter 3: Jedi Knight breaks free of the Emperorís control and Scourge betrays the Emperor by aiding the Jedi Knight and his team to escape.

Start of the Sith Warrior Chapter 3: Sith Warrior is left for dead and the Emperorís Hand find shim and recruits him as the new Emperorís Wrath.

During Chapter 3: Jedi Knight foils the Emperorís plans while the Sith Warrior foils Barasís plans. During the course of events the Sith Warrior kills the Voice on Voss in order to allow it to be freed so it can be placed in a new host.

Jedi Consular Finale: Jedi Consular confronts the First Son and prevents him form influencing events any further.

Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior Finales: The Jedi Knight confronts the Voice of the Emperor on Dromund Kaas believing it to be the Emperor and defeats him resulting in the death of the Voice. At about the same time, the Sith Warrior defeats Baras becoming officially recognized as the Emperorís Wrath.

Jedi Knight Interlude: Jedi Knight goes with Kira to see Suri. Jedi Knight learns that the Children of the Emperor are hearing a lot voices since his battle on Dromund Kaas.

Explanation of Timeline Entries[ete05]

5,113 BBY
Year is taken from Wookiepediaís entry on the Emperor. Events from early on in the Emperorís life are skipped in the timeline as my understanding is that they are presented in the book Revan as essentially rumors that circulate the Dark Council. As such their accuracy is presented as being suspect. However they are in the book Revan and a synopsis is on the Wookiepedia article for anyone who would like to read up on a potential early life story of the Emperor.

5,000 BBY
The Emperor did his ritual following the death of Naga Sadow signaling the end of the Great Hyperspace War. The year might be off if it took a few months for everything to happen, but it should be approximately right.

4,980 BBY
According to the holonet article for Domund Kaas, the Sith exodus took 20 years, so year is 20 years after the previous entry. Could be a year or two off potentially, but it should be approximately right.

3,960 BBY
Year listed is the year of the end of the Madalorian Wars according to Wookiepedia. Once again, this could be off by a year depending on how long events following the war actually took.

Approx. 300 years before Jedi Knight Chapter 2
Scourge states that he had been waiting 300 years before first meeting the Jedi Knight. It could be interpreted that he meant something like 298 or 302 and was just rounding, so I am putting it down as an approximate.


3,681 BBY
Year is established by this timeline entry. Conversion from BTC to BBY taken from Wookiepedia.

At least 20 years before Jedi Knight Chapter 3
According to Sel-Makor, a Sith Lord visited Voss and made deals with him decades ago. My interpretation when I ran through this scene on my Jedi Knight was that this was supposed to be the Emperor. In reviewing the dialogue though, there is no strong evidence to back up assumption on this point. I am including it in the timeline because I still believe it to have been the Emperor, but I admit I might be wrong. And as I was working on other parts of this primer, it occurred to me that this could potentially have been Bara. This would explain a few things, but it raises some questions at the same time.

As for the location in the timeline, the class stories are supposed to be beginning between 8 and 10 years after the Treaty. Sel-Makor says the Sith visited him decades ago implying 20+ years putting it befoe the Treaty. Potentially it could be before the start of the War, but the evidence for this either way is not clear.


3,653 BBY
Occurs 28 years after beginning of the War. How much time passes between the Treaty and the Emperor leaving the known galaxy is not made clear. It should also be noted that Revanís influence on the Emperor is implied to have played a part in the creation of the Treaty or at least his acceptance of the Treaty.


5 years before Imperial Agent Chapter 3
The year that Voss was discovered is important to the Emperorís timeline because the Empire attempted to invade Voss shortly after discovering the planet, and the invasion is when the Emperor gained his Voss body for the Voice of the Emperor. As Voss is frequently referred to as being recently discovered, I believe the Sith Lord who made a deal with Sel-Makor was there before the planet was officially discovered as 20 years is not really ďrecently discovered.Ē

In a dialogue on Voss, an NPC tells the Imperial Agent he has been on the planet for 5 years. This is really the only instance of establishing the Voss discovery timeline that I am aware of. I do feel it necessary to bring up that the codex entry for Gaden-Ko from the Consular story mentions that his generation to grow up where alien outsiders are a common sight, implying a discovery and ďpeaceĒ well before 5 years ago(assuming a human rate of maturing). All of this doesnít precisely tell us when the war happened or ended, but I believe it is a safe bet that it was finished before the start of any of the class stories which is the important part.


Jedi Knight Chapter 1
Iím assuming for the timeline that all of the Chapter 1s are finished before any of the Chapter 2s begin, but even without that I donít think there is really any kind of debate that can be made about this being the first chronological appearance of the Emperor in game.

Roughly Chapter 2 of Republic class stories
I am assuming that this event occurs before the Jedi Knight Chapter 2 finale because it is lower leveled content. I donít believe that there are any actual references that would make the order of these two specific events important though.

Jedi Knight Chapter 2
See above entry for reasoning on timeline. Statements regarding mistaken belief of the Jedi are based on the fact that the person the Jedi are after is apparently controlling the Empire from the space station and the Emperor had previously left the known galaxy (see 3,653 BBY) putting him outside of contact with the Empire and presumably leaving his Voice as his liaison with the Empire.


Between Jedi Knight Chapters 2 and 3
The events that I describe here clearly happen before Sith Warrior Chapter 3 begins. However an argument could potentially be made that it isnít clear that it happens before the Jedi Knight Chapter 3 starts. My response is that it just fits better if the Voice of the Emperor has been trapped on Voss before the Jedi Knight regains his senses. There is clearly meant to be a long time skip between Chapters, and I believe the timeline for all the Chapter 3 stories is tighter than it is during Chapter 1 and 2 because the Belsavis and Corellia storylines for all the classes are tied to specific events happening that I do not believe could have lasted for more than a month or two.

If my interpretation of the timeline is accurate for Chapter then that would mean that the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight start fairly close together, and at the start of the Sith Warriorís story the Emperorís Hand implies that the Voice has been missing for a while. I realize that I might be stretching things a little bit here, but I will also point out that that Voice is missing from his personal invisible space station with no explanation during the Jedi Knightís training scenes and this is consistent with the Voice heading for Voss and being captured during this period. There are of course other explanations for this latter bit, but I think it just fits together better if the Voice goes to Voss before the Jedi Knight Chapter 3 begins.


Start of Jedi Knight Chapter 3
I donít think there is really anything that needs to be discussed on this point.

Start of the Sith Warrior Chapter 3
Placed this after the start of the Jedi Knightís Chapter 3 because Scourge had the title of the Emperorís Wrath up until then. The position only opened up after Scourgeís betrayal and Scourge certainly was never aware that anyone else held the position before he left the Empire.


During Chapter 3
There is no context for the precise order of these events. The Sith Warrior likely finishes Voss before the Jedi Knight since the Jedi Knight has the option to kill Sel-Makor so chronology of events is just cleaner if that option occurs after Sel-Makor has done everything he can in all the storylines. However other than that, these two storylines just donít have any real impact on each other, so placing individual events ranges from difficult to impossible.

Jedi Consular Finale
This has to happen before the Jedi Knight finale because none of the Children of the Emepror that you encounter are exhibiting the symptoms that apparently occur to all the Children after the Jedi Knight finale.

Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior Finales
The precise timing of these events is not clear. However it is stated by Servant One in an email that the Jedi attack on the Voice occurred while the Sith Warrior was confronting Baras. As such I assume the two events occurred at roughly the same time, so within a week of each other. Read the Problem with Scourge section for a detailed discussion on the reasoning why the person the Jedi Knight fights is most likely the Voice.


Jedi Knight Interlude
This quest with Kira can only be triggered after the Jedi Knight completes Chapter 3 with lots of affection with Kira. I mention this because the quest gives clues about where the Emperorís story might be heading.

The Problem with Scourge[pws06]
Alright Iíve been putting this off long enough. Time for the controversial section!

In the game we are presented with two conflicting narratives of what happens in the JKís final story mission. The Jedi Knight story presents the story as the Jedi Knight has defeated the Emperor during the final confrontation between them. Meanwhile the Sith Warrior gets a few emails from Servant One, after having beaten the final Sith Warrior story mission, stating that there was an attack on Dromund Kaas and the Voice of the Emperor was killed during the attack. These emails are clearly meant to be talking about the Jedi Knight finale. Just looking at these two narratives, there really is no problem with reconciling them. Jedi Knight simply entered a fight without fully understanding his enemy and as a result misunderstood what happened.


However because Scourge exists, things get controversial. As stated in above sections, Scourge was the original Emperorís Wrath and the position was in fact created for him. He has been the personal executioner for the Emperor for around three centuries prior to the gameís start. As we are currently unaware of anyone else who the Emperor has given immortality to, he is likely the person who has known the Emperor for the longest period of time, not counting force ghosts. And here is where the problem comes in. Despite Scourgeís long standing relationship (not that kind) with the Emperor, he seems to believe that the Emperor is dead.

This has resulted in the fan community, as of the time of this writing, to essentially split into two camps, those that believe Servant One is the more believable source of information and those that believe that Scourge could not be tricked by the Emperor. This has lead to many pages of forum arguments over whether the Emperor was killed or whether the Voice of the Emperor was killed. Now that the debate has been framed, I will attempt to put forth the best argument possible as to why Servant Oneís explanation fits better with everything we know. I expect this section will likely be expanded semi-frequently as I have to add responses to points other people bring up.

Now to begin, there are a few things that I first have to address. Iíve seen people mention that Scourge would clearly know what the Emperor looks like considering how long he has been serving the Emperor, and therefore he would recognize the Emperorís True Body when the Jedi Knight kills it. However Scourge does not see who the Jedi Knight fights. He is able to sense the Emperorís life force, but the Voice of the Emperor is possessed by the Emperor. Regardless of whether the body beaten by the Jedi Knight is the Emperor or the Voice, Scourge would feel the Emperor.

Now another frequently used argument, frequently in combination with the previous one, is that the person the Jedi Knight meets at the end of Chapter 2 is the same person that the Jedi Knight fought at the end of Chapter 3. Scourge seems to believe that the person at the end of Chapter 2 is the true Emperor and therefore the person the Jedi Knight fights must also be the Emperor. To begin with, there is nothing conclusive that shows that the two people in question look the same. There are only two things that they have in common, they wear mostly the same clothes and they have the same body type. Considering that there are only four body types in the game, using that as evidence that two people are the same is hardly conclusive or really persuasive when the vast majority of NPCs, and likely PCs also, have body type 2. So that just leaves the clothes as evidence that they are the same person.

Now the two NPCs in question both wear the same outfit with a single difference between them. The Chapter 2 NPC is wearing a mask while the Chapter 3 NPC is not. As a result of the mask, the Chapter 2 NPC does not have a hood, but that is just how wearing a mask works in the game with a hooded chest piece. So the question now is, why is the Chapter 2 NPC wearing a mask while the Chapter 3 NPC is not. The sort of Ďduhí answer is to hide his face in Chapter 2 and not in Chapter 3? There is no dramatic reveal to go along with the removing of the mask. The Emperor isnít someone that the Jedi Knight knows, so it isnít to hide his identity from the player. So why would the developers give him a mask in one instance, but not in another? To hide the fact that he is in a Voss body either from the players, Scourge, or just about everyone in the Empire (reasoning on him being in a Voss body at this point in time explained above in Timeline Explanation). I feel I need to point out here, that according to Servant One, the Emperor wasnít even in the known galaxy at the time of the Jedi Knightís Chapter 2 conclusion. I see no reason for him to lie on this point given the context of the line and I believe he would be the person most likely to know where the Emperor was since the Hand shares the Emperorís thoughts.

All of this brings us back around to the Problem with Scourge, namely how could Scourge not recognize that it was the Voice of the Emperor sitting on the throne and not the true Emperor. Some people have argued that Scourge simply could not make this mistake because Scourgeís goal in life is to stop the Emperor at all costs. The argument goes that he would be person least likely to make any kind of mistake of properly identifying the Emperor. Iím going to first point out that we donít know what kind of interaction Scourge has had with the Emperor over the past three centuries. We donít know if Scourge was constantly at the Emperorís side or if he was in a position much more like the Sith Warrior where he received orders from the Emperorís Hand and had very little actual interaction in person. For all we know, Scourgeís fight with the Jedi Knight was the first time Scourge was ever brought aboard the station. We simply donít know these facts.

Iím going to take a position nowÖ..that I expect to be controversial in the replies. I donít think Scourge has ever met the Emperorís True Body. During the Sith Warrior storyline, one of the dialogue options has Servant One explain the reason that Servant Two speaks in his unusual manner. The reason is because Servant Two has been exposed to the Emperor. Considering how Servant One makes a distinction when referring to the Emperor or the Voice, I believe this to mean that Servant Two has met the Emperorís True Body. And apparently meeting it was enough to addle Servant Twoís mind, or give him a very unusual perspective depending on how you look at it.


Scourge does not show any sign of similar exposure to the Emperorís True Body. If we go with the assumption that Scourge has never met the Emperorís True Body, this could actually explain why Scourgeís vision didnít show Revan beating the Emepror without having to resort to self fulfilling prophecies. The explanation would be that Revan, the Exile, and Scourge were fighting against the Voice of the Emperor. Killing the Voice would not stop the True Body and unlike the Jedi Knight they did not have a fleet securing them an escape route so they could fight again another day.

This would mean that Scourge would have no knowledge of the Emperorís True Body. And if he has only met the Voice, he might actually be used to the Emperor changing bodies and not realized that there is a distinction between the Voice and the True Body. Scourge certainly never shows any knowledge of the existence of the Voice in any of his dialogues.

Another argument that I have seen on the topic of Scourge is that Scourge should have easily recognized whether or not the Emperor killed was the actual one because his visions showed him the battle. I first point back to my previous point that Scourge did not see who or what the Jedi Knight fought. I secondly point out that Scourge tells the Jedi Knight his vision. Hat vision has not come to pass either figuratively or literally as Scourge was not at the final battle and the Jedi Knight does not currently have the option of taking over the Empire. So the vision has not come to pass yet, and I would take that as evidence that he Jedi Knightís final fight against the Emperor has not come up yet.


The next argument that I can recall seeing regarding this debate is essentially that having the person the Jedi Knight fought be the Voice of the Emperor ignores the point of Scourgeís character. Scourgeís character doesnít lose his point just because he was outmaneuvered by the Emperor. The Emperor had been alive for over a thousand years by the time that Scourge was born. The Emperor has had countless foes rise up to challenge him. The idea that the Emperor didnít explain all the nitty gritty details to one of his servants should hardly come as any kind of surprise. The Emperor didnít just give Scourge the secret specifics to his grand plan, Scourge had to work to get the specifics and we already know that he didnít get everything. He didnít know what worlds were in danger besides Belsavis. Scourge didnít even know what the full details on the plan at Belsavis were. The fact that he doesnít know something doesnít ruin the point of his character or anything like that. He did the best that he could, but he was up against someone who is ridiculously powerful and with more experience than we can really comprehend.

A related argument that I have seen is that having the Emperor survive the Jedi Knightís attack ruins the point of the Jedi Knightís story. I have to disagree with this. I think there is a lot of story potential from the Jedi Knight discovering that the Emperor is still around and continuing to challenge the Emperor. This would also solve the problem of having to top taking down the Emperor in future class story expansions. On the other hand if the Emperor is killed for good that would completely ruin the current story end point for the Sith Warrior. The Sith Warriorís position depends on the Emperor being around. Before I had played through the Sith Warriorís storyline I had some ideas on how it could continue, but after having gone through the story I just donít think it work well to have the Sith Warrior storyline to basically continue with ďHey the Emperorís dead so you are now demoted to working under Darth Suchandsuch because you need a quest giver.Ē

Questions and Answers[qaa07]
What classes meet the Emperor in their class stories?
The Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior both meet the Voice of the Emperor. The Jedi Knight further has an encounter with the Emperor possessing one of the Children of the Emperor. Currently no one meets the Emperorís true body. There was some misinformation spread early in the gameís life that the Jedi Consular meets the Emperor while the Emperor was taking over the body of the First Son. However having played the Jedi Consularís story, I can say that this was a misinterpretation of events and not what actually happened.

Where was the Emperorís true body?
The only detail that we know for sure is that he has been outside of the known galaxy since around the time of the Treaty of Coruscant, as stated by Servant One to the Sith Warrior. The statement could be taken to mean that either the Emperorís true body is another galaxy or that it is in an unknown part of the galaxy.

The intent behind the statement is clearly to explain why the Emperor is unable to return and expose Baras for the liar he is. So that means the location is out of the way with no easy means of travel, ruling out any place in the Empire itself. However we also know that the body was able to be recovered after the Knight killed the Voice, likely ruling out the possibility of it being outside the galaxy. So that leaves the unknown regions of the galaxyÖ.which are unknown.

I have a personal theory that he might have been on his home planet reusing the ritual place where he first gained immortality, but there is no evidence to support that more than any other uninhabited region of space. Thatís right he could have been on Endorís moon using Sith Alchemy to invent Ewoks! Because his evil knows no end!

Of course where he was isnít necessarily important since his body was apparently moved after the Voiceís defeat, and we have no information about where he was moved beyond it being safe.

Were the Jedi in the failed assault on the Emperorís space station turned into Children of the Emperor?
Probably. When I played my Jedi Knight, I had assumed that the process done to these Jedi was likely different from the one used on the Children of the Emperor because their corruption seemed to be different then how Kiraís condition was shown in the story. However in the Jedi Consular story, you encounter several people who were apparently turned into Children of the Emperor later in life who seem to have had dramatic personality shifts like the Jedi did. So Iím inclined to say that they most likely were Children of the Emperor, but the possibility does exist they technically should be classified solely as The Emperor's Fallen Jedi. And actually having given it some extra thought, Iím betting the Fallen Jedi probably got the Children of the Emperor treatment only condensed from a five year (made up number) to a five second period. So it would be the same basic idea, just leaving them without any subtlety.

How exactly did the Jedi Knight break the Emperorís control?
Honestly I donít know. I really just want to say that it is Deus Ex Machina and move on. It clearly is meant to be implied that Master Orgus Dinís force ghost helped the Jedi Knight out. But it isnít really clear as to how Master Orgus helped or why he was able to help in the first place. I find it is best to just accept this plot point happened and then just move on without questioning it.

Why was the Jedi Knight immune to the Emperorís corrupting influence during their Chapter 3 Encounter?
Apparently if you break free of the Emperorís control that gives you protection from being controlled again sort of like an immunization shot. This would mean that currently there are at least two people who have such protection, the Jedi Knight and Kira. In theory any of the Jedi from Chapter 3 who the Jedi Knight does not kill should possess such protection as well if they were to ever fully recover. However it would seem that Syoís situation, if he is spared, is likely different because while he is no longer a threat it appears he still has the dark influences in his mind meaning he presumably hasnít made a complete break like the Jedi Knight and Kira.

How did [insert character name] get orders from the Emperor at [insert point in the timeline] if the Voice of the Emperor was trapped on Voss at the time?
There are a few instances where there seems to be potential issues with the timeline of the Emperor issuing orders to his minions. The most obvious of these are the death cult that the Jedi Knight encounters on Belsavis. The Jedi Knight learns that the Death Cult is in motion well before the Sith Warrior could have possibly freed the Emperorís Voice. There are two possibilities that I can see. Either the Emperorís Voice gave them orders before he was imprisoned on Voss or the Emperorís Hands gave the Death Cult its orders at some time after the Voice was imprisoned, as they seem to still be aware of the Emperorís designs even after the Voice was imprisoned.

When it comes to the Imperial Guards who say the Emperor gave them orders, there is a dialogue option with one of them where you can basically get them to admit they mean metaphorically(I believe I got this with the Belsavis bonus series for my Sith Warrior). So that could be the explanation for them.

Who is the Entity and how is she related to the Emperor?
For those who are unfamiliar with the Entity, she is a force ghost with precognitive abilities that the Sith Warrior encounters on Corellia. The Codex entry for the Entity suggests that she is Kreia from KotOR II. I have not played that game though, so I canít comment on how accurate of a portrayal this is. As for her relation to the Emperor, her dialogue when released suggests that she had a relationship with the Emperor at some pointÖ.however I am unaware of any source that details this at all, and I do not know if their relationship will ever be expanded upon.


Who was the ďgreat Sith LordĒ that Sel-Makor previously made deals with?
As I indicated above my first thought when playing was that Sel-Makor was talking about the Emperor. At first I thought it was referring to when the Voice got trapped on Voss, but really that didnít make any sense when I played through the Sith Warrior storyline. So then I assumed that the Sith Emperor had visited Sel-makor and that was where he got the idea of taking a Voss host for his Voice. But while I was working on this it hit me, the one who apparently captured the Voss mystic was Baras who was also the one that planned the Voiceís trip to Voss. That trip took the Voice directly to Sel-Makor. That could suggest that Baras was fulfilling his part of a bargain with Sel-Makor. Now this would leave a few loose ends such as how exactly did Baras get to Sel-Makor 20+ years ago and what exactly did he get from Sel-Makor, but I currently really like the Baras theory even if I havenít fully thought it out yet.

Who first told the Jedi about the Children of the Emperor?
According to a quote in the Consularís storyline the person who first told them about the Children of the Emperor was a frmer member of the Dark Council who had changed sides. The only person we know of who fits the description is Sajar, Master Tol Bragaís padawan that Jedi Knights encounter on Quesh. If this is true, it would certainly add an extra layer onto why the Emperorís Wrath was sent after Sajar as he had revealed the existence of one of the Emperorís greatest secrets to the Jedi Council.

What does the future have in store for the Emperor?
Brood WarsÖ.Iím being serious on this. Iím essentially expecting that one of the major plot threads that is going to be in the near future (although I am uncertain of whether this will be class stories, flashpoints, or operations) will be about an all out war among factions that form amongst the Children of the Emperor. The closest narrative that I can equate it to is what happened in Brood Wars, specifically the Zerg plotline.

Brood Wars begins with the Zergís Overmind having been killed. This equates to the Voiceís death in the JK storyline. During the course of Brood Wars the various Cerebrates vie for control of the swarm in absence of the Overmind. Essentially what I think is going to happen is that while the Emperorís True Body is recovering, several of the Children of the Emperor are going to try and take over the Emperor by claiming they are the true Emperor. This will result in a large internal conflict where the main soldiers are going to be subordinate Children of the Emperor.

Now for my reasoning, Iím basically basing this theory of two events. The first is the post class story quest with Kira for the Jedi Knight. In this quest, you see that the Children of the Emperor are suffering from hearing multiple conflicting voices at once and that a faction of the Children have found a way to silence the voices. The second is an encounter between the Jedi Consular and Blaesus who states that he became a Child of the Emperor by the Emperor imprinting his consciousness onto Blaesus, and presumably the same would apply to the other Children.

So my theory is that the Voice of the Emperor serves a role of silencing the chatter among all the imprints of the Emperor that exist within the Children. While the Emperor is recovering from the death of the Voice, the Childrenís voices can be heard by all of them. The silencing of the voices is then caused by one of the Children who figured out a way to attune other Children to treat him as though he was the Voice. Iím expecting more of these fake voices to appear and for them to fight as they try to claim what they view as their rightful placeÖ.and then the winner will be obliterated by the true Emperor upon his recovery at a later point in the story.

What do we not know about the Emperor?
The big thing that isnít clear at the moment which could potentially be very important is how much of the Emperorís consciousness is imbued in the Voice. Essentially what Iím wondering is whether or not the Emperorís True Body is able to act on its own when there is an active Voice. This is the sort of detail that could be very important in understanding a few details regarding the Emperor. The codex for the Voice seems to imply that the Emperor is in two places at once when he is using the Voice but it isnít conclusive, and an inactive True Body would explain a few things a bit better such as why the Emperor is unable to inform the Dark Council that Baras is a fake.

Another thing that is unclear is exactly how a Voice of the Emperor is created and whether this is related to the Children of the Emperor or not. We know the Emperor can take over the body of a Child of the Emperor, but it isnít clear whether this is what is going on with the Voice or if the two situations are unrelated except in impact on the host.

What do you expect to be the reaction to this thread?
Iím hoping for intellectual debate. Iím expecting 20 pages of internet arguments regarding the Problem with Scourge and the related issues. >.>

How long is this?
Initial draft is 16 pages in Word. 17 pages after fixing some formatting for readability. I did not think through how long this was going to be when I first had the idea. x_x

Who are you?
I am just an average player who enjoys piecing together various plot threads to see the bigger picture intended by writers. As of writing the first version of this guide, I have completed the Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, and Jedi Consular storylines in that order. My Jedi Knight is my main and my favorite of them. Iím planning on playing through all 8 class stories, but that will take time and likely not have any significant impact on this primer.

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