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I think the really objectionable aspect of "The Foundry" is fighting (?) HK and Revan, when you'd much rather they be helping you, in whatever way. Especially since they're better characters than anybody in this game, sad to say.

If Revan had been a force ghost who spoke to the Jedi Knight as he was hunting the emperor--that would have been a cool use of Revan. If HK-47 wanted to assassinate the emperor, and you ran into him here and there, that would have been a cool use of HK. Even if HK got killed while trying to assassinate the emperor, say, helping the JK do so, it'd be an honorable way for HK to go out.

Killing HK-47--twice?--was on nobody's wishlish. I think it's the single worst way you could have even conceivably used everybody's favorite character.

That's why the Foundry is so spectacularly tone-deaf.

Especially Imperial players *like* that assassin droid.

Whoever said "Revan will help you on a future raid fighting the super-Emperor" has the right idea. Even if he's a force ghost.

If HK-47 was there help "assassinate the emperor," that'd be cool too. It makes sense he'd want to assassinate him.

Keep Revan dead, bring him back as a force ghost--bring HK-47 back in the flesh (one of the story quests could have you re-build him,) ultimately to help players do the ultimate raid against the emperor.