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03.02.2012 , 08:08 PM | #183

Please help me because I am really confused on which one to get? or which one is better for PVP.

I am a sith assasin and I have reset all of my skill points. I want to get the deception tree with the build ?-31-?. THe question mark indicates 10 points are still remaining in which I want to use for the right skills

Im confused on which skills are better or build is better when it comes to pvp. I want a more damage build but Ok with the survivability. Please help me in my concern.

1. Which is better to have between the skills Crackling CHarge or Sith Defiance?
2. Which is better between Entropic field or Fade?
3. Which is better between the two, CHARGING mastery or CHAIN shock?

Kindly answer me with your best response based on experience because I believe that it is better to believe the experience of the players rather than relying to a certain calculator. If you have screen shots of your damage or skill tree please post it.

Many thanks my co-sith assasin. It will be a great help for me and for my brothers and friends who is a assasin as well.

Funny thing is we all have FAT body type and I think we will create a guild which includes al FAT bodytypes.. hahaha

I will await for your responses SITH LORDS! Glory for the EMPIRE! STRIKE WITH FURY AND PASSION!