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Tetinark dutifully followed Terken. The boy had lied, or at least exaggerated, because while the planet was mostly swamp, There were long arid portions of dry plains that separated them. For this Tetinark was grateful, the sun would be able to dry off the murky swamp water that had taken a liking to his cloak. Terken, however, seemed to love the swamps. As he traveled through it, he wouldn't stop talking. Flora and Fauna, what fruits were safe and unsafe, and what areas were known lurking grounds for large underwater behemoths. More than once Terken had to change their direction because of these beasts.

"They're huge. I've seen some at least 10 times your size. They lie in wait at the bottom of the swamp, and then BAM you're dinner." He said, clapping his hands together in a mock imitation of of jaws closing down on a target. Tetinark listened, and played the part, he asked questions when questions were expected, laughed when it was obvious Terken was trying to jest. But Tetinark couldn't realize how childish he was. The boy had to be at least somewhat past his childhood youth-Tetinark guessed it was from the excitement of the day, but still, his thoughts lingered.

This boy killed his parents? Tetinark mused on the thought. It was entirely possible, but still, hard to believe. Nevertheless, he trudged forward.

Until he was stopped in his tracks. He sensed it before Terken saw it, but his eyes looked to the sky when he screamed.

"Look!" Terken yelled and pointed. A flaming meteor came hurtling towards the planet. It took Tetinark a moment to realize it wasn't a meteor, it was a ship. A shiver of dread covered Tetinark. Yoza... The Trandoshan thought.

"Get down!" Terken yelled, running back to Tetinark and pulling him to the ground. The meteor, the ship flew right overhead, and crashed into the jungle behind them.

Silence. There was almost no sound then, Terken and Tetinark both stoic as they lay on the ground.

"That was a ship! " Terken whispered, and scrambled to his feet, running to the crash site.

"Terken! No!" Tetinark said. Terken looked back while running, a wide smile on his face.

"I do this all the time! don't worry!" He grinned.

So foolish Tetinark said to himself. He reached out a hand, and then reached out to Terken. His invisible grip catching the young man's ankle. The boy fell, and turned, with a face full of bewilderment.

"This is not the ship to scavenge. Whatever is in that ship, it will kill you." Tetinark said firmly. Terken, still not understanding, nodded, and jogged back to the Trandoshan. They continued for a while, not speaking, until Terken finally asked,

"How did you do that. Not just that, but the lighting thing too? I've never seen anything like it!" He said, his voice filled with envy and awe.

Tetinark smiled within himself and answered simply. "I have the power of the force within me, Shuu-man."

"Could you teach me?" Terken asked.

"Teach you what?"

"The force." Terken said. He had stopped moving, and turned, looking Tetinark Ghost directly in the eyes. Tetinark was taken aback, somewhat, for his eyes had gotten dark again, like when he had told him that he killed his own kin.

"You have to have power to learn the force, boy." Tetinark said simply. He approached him, the boy, who was still standing defiantly, and touched his forehead with a clawed finger.

"This is a test." He said simply. He knew that the boy had no force power, he would have sensed it, but he might as well entertain the boy, yet kill all hopes of the boy learning anything from him. Besides, Tetinark planned on leaving the boy once he had no more use for him.

Tetinark poked about the boy's mind. The boy had a feeble, natural defense, of which Tetinark broke through easily. Scattered thoughts about various musings brushed past Tetinark's probe as he reached the door. The symbolic door. Tetinark touched it, and waited. The kneejerk response would be for Terken's own mind to attack Tetinark's, an untrained force push that would send Tetinark back a few inches-or yards. But, as Tetinark expected, he felt nothing.

"I cannot train you, I'm sorry." Tetinark said simply, removing his hand from Terken's forehead. The boy nodded, and went back to leading Tetinark to his home.

What a strange human... Tetinark knew few humans, but of the ones he knew, not acted like this boy. How did he end up on this planet? Why did he kill his own parents? the questions seemed endless. I sound like him, now He said with a point of amusement. But it was short lived. He was getting too familiar with the child.
I will use him until he outlives his usefulness. That is the only objective. That, is the way.

"Hurry up! We're almost there!" Terken said, as Tetinark realized he had fallen behind. He put gusto into his step, and followed the boy, his one objective fresh in his mind.

I will rebuild the Sith.


Yoza cracked the bone of a large, bovine-like creature and sucked out the marrow. His eye had returned, as had most of his left arm, but still, it was not enough. His prey, however, seemed endless. It was like every creature on this planet was carnivorous: All he had to do was spill blood and they came, the scavengers. But this was not enough. He needed to find larger prey. Yoza, needed to find a human.