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I've always thought that Luke's need for more training wasn't to learn how to access the Force, but how to control it. It was more the issue that Luke was still a reckless kid who was still largely driven by his emotions. And of course Yoda wanted to make sure Luke was emotionally ready before confronting Vader and learning that he was his father.

The fight with Vader ironically helped him develop that emotional maturity, he had the biggest shock and defeat of his life. As much as creating a Lightsaber was a sign that he'd learnt both the technical skills required to design a lightsaber and the control of the Force necessary to construct it. I think the time was mostly spent getting his head on straight, training the skills he'd learnt from Yoda and working his way through Ben's Journal. Shadows of the Empire implies he spent a lot of time working on his Lightsaber and getting his head right.