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Had the idea of giving Andy (or possibly Talos) a bit of a promotion by putting them in Imperial Guard armour. I know they normally fight with melee weapons but I figure a gunslinger would be nearly as good. Right?

Anyway, has anyone got any hints on how to get that distinctive red armour? I gather it's all medium armour, and I noticed a similar helmet can be got from the Belsavis vendor (though it looked like it had a little too much black on it).

Obviously, having it orange-quality would be massively preferable. Ta!
There is tons of Red Sith Medium Orange Armour, but I don't think any of the sets exactly match the NPC versions.

Most of the them start "Dread Marauder/Corsair [something]", but most of these are given as quest rewards so it would be hard to get them if your not a Sith Warrior.

There is a red "Marauder Elite" Orange set that is craftable by Synth, but you'd have to find all the schematics individually, as they are not vendor schematics.