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A predator never stalks it's prey with too much exictement. Of course, the Predator itself is filled with the emotion, but it never lets it show. For a predator to show that emotion, it would lead to the possiblity for it to lose it's prey. Yoza vowed to never lose his prey again.

For the master He thought, and suddenly his hand reached up to touch the fresh scar that his master had given him for his first failure.

Always for the master.

Yoza brushed his long blonde hair out of the way of his luminous blue eyes. The coldness of space had pentrated his ship, he was shivering, now, his simple black cloak not sufficent enough to warm his feeble body. His lips were pressed together, creating the illusion that he had no mouth at all, as his eyes scanned the vast expanse of space before him. A simple view-screen was all that seperated him from the stars. His ship rumbled in protest of the stillness, it was floating now, hovering, suspended upon nothing but the slight bursts of engine fire that kept him alight.

For the master.

He had two options. His target, his prey had ejected from it's own ship-Stolen
He corrected, stolen from the master. He shook his head. Back to the task at hand. Two options. He could follow the ejected pod to the planet itself, which, he had no doubt that his prey would be lying in wait. He had no intention to spring a trap, he did not intend to be out-manuvered again. The second option was to do the un-expected. His prey expected him to come and find him, but he had another idea. His ship lurched forward, groaning at the movement, as his engines flared and burned, filling the ship with the dank smell of fuel. The ship stuttered towards the small green planet, And Yoza pushed the controls forward, hurtling now, towards the moon. He closed his eyes, cleared his thoughts, and focused. He could hear the ship's groans turn into screams and feel the heat of his speed as the view-screen was scorched with the planet's own natural defenses, the fires of passing into the atmosphere. The pain increased, doubled, tripled- It reached a point where all he could do was focus on the pain, and then the sound. There was a large boom, shaking the ship and throwing it off-course (Not that Yoza even had a course to begin with) He heard more popping sounds as the ship failed, until the glass of the viewscreen crackled and crashed into pieces. Glass went into his face, almost all of it, forced back into the cockpit rather than falling out into the sky. Yoza still had his eyes closed, but he could feel the searing pain as the hot fragments ripped into his face and chest. He still pushed the controls forward, accepting the pain with silent resignation. The ship bucked suddenly, and entered an uncontrolled free-fall. He felt a sharp pain at his waist, and for the first time, he opened his eyes-He felt the sensation of falling, but then, with a dark humor, realized his body had been cut in half, his legs and lower abdomen still strapped to the pilots chair. He could feel the blood leaving his body, and turned a blue eye to the falling ship, which had now splintered into 3 or four peices-and watched it land with large explosions. He crashed into a tree, his head splintering into two parts, but still connected, as he tried to retain conciousness. His legless body fell backwards, falling unto the suprisingly soft ground- He began to relax, only to realize the ground was sinking He reached out an arm, which was grossly burned and cut, and used all of his power, focusing on a nearby tree. He felt his body being pulled from the quicksand, slowly but surley. As the last of his body left the quicksand, he gasped, breathing deeply, and laid on the safe ground for a few moments, catching his breath.

Predators do the unexpected He realized that his left arm was gone, and with grim duty, reached out with his right hand, and clawed his way forward, straining to keep his head upright. He allowed himself an inspection of his surroundings. It was obviously a jungle, a wet jungle- He could smell the decay of various animals and other objects rotting in nearby swamps. This was good. His crashed ship would have an ample supply of fuel to burn. Hopefully, His prey saw his crash, Yoza corrected himself. He knew his prey saw it. If he didn't, he would see the smoke from the fires- His prey couldn't be far from here. Yoza continued to claw further. He looked at his hand again, and found that two fingers were missing. The ground from the jungle agitated his exposed flesh, adding more pain to his overall discomfort, but he would not be dettered. A small, mouse-like creature ran by him, only to turn around, and stand directly infront of him. It eyed Yoza with hungry eyes, and darted forward, biting one of Yoza's fingers, and after some effort, pulling it off. The mouse-creature gobbled this treat greedily, and looked at Yoza again, trying to pick it's next target. The mouse advanced with an open-maw, not to Yoza's hand, but directly into his right eye. The creature's tunnel-like snout dug into his eye, sharp teeth lacerating his vision and filling him with more pain. But this is what Yoza wanted. With his free arm- His only arm, he gripped the creature with inhuman force. It squawked at the intrusion, and tried to wriggle free. Yoza gripped harder, and the creature screamed louder- he didn't want to kill it, he just wanted it to make noise. Yoza then brought the mouse closer to his mouth and bit into it, his sharp teeth easily cutting into the mouse's flesh. The creature screamed in protest, but as he ate, he felt- And saw his body returning. stubs of his fingers began to regrow, and skin on his arm healed, color returning to his black and scorched arm. But this small mouse wouldn't be enough to return him to perfection. He slurrped some of the blood that had pooled before him, and crawled into the nearby bushes, and waited. More prey would come, in which He could heal himself, and continue on his quest to find the true prey, the betrayer, Tetinark Ghost.

As he digested his meal, his thought focused on the reasons for all of his actions.

For the master. Always, for the master.